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Worldwide Webley by Stephen Cuthbertson will appeal to the collector, military and police historians, and all firearms enthusiasts who appreciate fine firearms. The adoption of a Webley & Scott automatic in 1911 by the prestigious Scotland Yard and its subsequent use by the Foreign Office and police forces around the world led to a world-wide reputation for this firearm.

Testing of the Colt .45 automatic and the .455 Webley & Scott, with the resultant choice of the W&S by the Royal Marines, Royal Flying Corps, and the Australian forces, is written with clarity and detail. The extensive use of these pistols on the ill-fated expeditions to Antwerp and Gallipoli during WWI, including Winston Churchill's direct involvement, is outlined.

When the Harrington & Richardson Company of Worcester, Massachusetts, decided to manufacture an automatic pistol, they sought the skills of William Whiting, Webley & Scott's chief designer. Worldwide Webley gives the history of the Worcester company and its licensed agreement with Webley & Scott.

Stephen Cuthbertson gathered information from historians, scientists, firearms experts, and shooters from around the globe. Over 350 photographs plus 75 original documents accompany the text. Included in the book are chapters on the different models, proof marks, cartridges, and manufacturing.

The book is a masterpiece of scholarship and painstaking and meticulous research.