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Stephen Cuthbertson was born on a ranch in the interior of British Columbia where firearms were an integral part of daily life. He became fascinated with their mechanisms, studied them, and used them—particularly many of the early automatic pistols. Graduating from universities in Canada and the United States, he added to his knowledge of firearms by supplementing his work in mathematics with advanced studies in trajectories.

His specific interest in Webley & Scott pistols dates from the 1950's when he started collecting and cataloguing this particular make. Webley's world-wide distribution and history, especially in parts of the former Commonwealth, added to its appeal and led him to extend his study of these weapons. To research the topic as fully as possible, Stephen traveled to many military and police museums around the globe and has handled and fired most of the Webleys discussed in this text.

Steve Cuthbertson has supervised the instruction of pistol courses for many years and is an instructor-examiner for both the Canadian Federal and Provincial firearms courses. An excellent shot and competitor, he has hunted big game in both North America and Africa. He has used and studied firearms for more than half a century; they are a lifelong interest.

"As a shooter and collector of Webley & Scott and Harrington & Richardson pistols for almost half a century, I have used many of the models exhibited in this book. After leaving academia in 1987, I found sufficient time to research the history of the handguns I had been using for so many years. I was astounded by the accumulated knowledge amassed by scientists, historians, collectors, and shooters around the world concerning the manufacture and use of Whiting designed pistols. There is no doubt that adoption of a Webley & Scott automatic by the prestigious 'Scotland Yard' in 1911 led to a world-wide reputation for these automatics. Museum and forensic collections in many countries, as well as superb private collections, hold many Whiting designed pistols and associated documentation. My text is an attempt to bring much of this information together into a single volume."
                                                                                                                                        — Stephen Cuthbertson